piKey version 0.2

Notes: This version brings the following major updates: * A new keypress mode, which allows more natural use of the keyboard in action games etc. The default mode is now keypress mode, and the keyboard will switch automatically to text input mode when required. * Custom key-to-button assignment - so now you can define WASD buttons for FPS game movement, as well as cursor keys for XMB movement, for instance. * Support for mapping keypresses to analog joystick movements. * Support for converting keypresses into Danzeff OSK presses - so now you can use your physical keyboard with homebrew that uses the Danzeff virtual keyboard - e.g. AFKIM. * Installer now fixed to correctly install to flash0, to support GAME150 homebrew. * Palm UW keyboard ought to at least partially work, but I can't test it myself. * Optional on-screen status information. * Various minor bugfixes. You should read the information in the docs/ folder in the release for more details about these changes, as well as instructions on how to install and configure πKey correctly. There are a few known problems: * Multilingual support isn't great. Especially, the Sony OSK uses different key layouts for different regions, these are not correctly supported yet. * The Danzeff plugin occasionally misses keypresses when you type a lot of text at once. * When putting the PSP in standby, πKey doesn't usually recover properly when power is restored. * It has only been tested on 3.10 OE firmware. It ought to work on other OE firmwares, but I haven't tested it myself.
Genre: App
Author: Fanjita
Version Number: 0.2
Release Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2007-04-24
Number of Downloads: 2583
Entered By: Fanjita
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