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Notes: ************************************ Road Dog V1e By Art ************************************* ******************** For Sony Playstation Portable (Firmware Version 1.50) ******************* Hi Guys, Road Dog is a WiFi connection sniffer that will allow users to easily locate hotspots while driving in a car without becoming distracted. The main difference between this, and similar programs for the PSP is the implementation of sound. This allows you to hear indications through your car stereo, or while out on the street, you can leave the PSP in your pocket, and listen through headphones if you like to remain unnoticed. Road Dog is written in C, with the free PSP SDK (thanks ********************************* Grant Of Software License ********************************** The Road Dog program is free to use, but I retain ownership of my software, and grant of license to use it is under identical terms of GPS Trackmaker license agreement (reproduced in part with permission), that pertain to conservation of protected ecosystems. View the entire agreement for GPS Trackmaker: "LICENSE GRANT The author grants a non-exclusive license to use the program, free of charge, if the user: Does not use the program for illegal purposes; does not practice activities that destroy or degrades the environment; does not practice polluting activities; does not throw trash on the ground or through the carís windows; when going to the beach and creeks takes his trash back until finding a trash collector; does not practice any activities that hurts animals, like hunting, out-of-season fishing, pigeon shooting, dog fight, etc.; does not buy wild animals that, by law, may not be created out of their natural environment; has ecological conscience and protects nature. People that for any reason do not fit the conditions above, are expressly forbidden to use the program." In addition to the above agreement, grant of Lisence to use the Road Dog program, also requires adhesion to the following terms: When the user visits a Beach or other body of water, National Park or other protected environment, he or she leaves no damage to live vegetation, leaves no unnatural polluting material, or litter, and removes non-combustible material from fireplaces, or litter that may have been left by other people if it is reasonable to do so. DISCLAIMER: Road Dog is not designed to allow theft of bandwidth or internet services, or to facillitate hacking of private networks. Usage in this way is probably illegal, and the user engages in such activity at their own risk. I disclaim responsibility for any such use. Lecture over! *********************************************************************************************** To Install the Road Dog program, copy the program folders to the PSP/GAME or PSP GAME150 folder of your PSP. Now you should be able to launch the program from the Game menu. Road Dog is tested with 3.03 SE firmware PSP units, but may work with other 1.50 kernal firmwares as well. It will not work withthe PSP slim & lite. *********************************************************************************************** *Donations* License to use this program will remain free, but I am accepting donations toward new hardware and development. You can encourage future program and/or hardware development by sending a donation, but I have particular need for low capacity Memory Sticks, even the 32 Mb one that comes with the PSP can be used for programming. Contact me on the PSPU, Austech, or X-Flash forums. Cheers, Art. ( ********************************************************************************************** VERSION HISTORY: V1e (16/12/07): - Rrogram exit will now reset the PSP if it was launched from within iRShell (rather than freezing). - All LEDs are now turned off by the program. - Implementation of signal graph that logs to the screen. You see the last 3 mins, 50 secs of activity. - Basic familiar name search feature. V1d (14/12/07): - Fixed program exit so the HOME button is responsive. Program now also exits properly within iRshell. - Signal strength is only spoken when it changes. It won't keep repeating the same value. - Added check for WLAN switch. error message is displayed, and program exit if WLAN is off, or fails. - Auto screen brightness control implementation. - PSP is clocked at 133/133/1, unless run from iRshell, in which case the clock speed isn't changed. V1c (14/12/07): - Added basic sound implementation for indication of unsecured wifi hotspots. - Limited the size of network names that can be printed to the screen, so they don't overrun to other fields. V1b (13/12/07): - Demonstration Preliminary version using GU texture font shows connection info, and has multicoloured display. - Program can be exited with HOME button. V1 (12/12/07): - Preliminary version using Intrafont library gave me graphics issues, so I chose to use another GU texture font. **********************************************************************************************
Genre: App
Author: Art
Version Number: v1
Release Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2007-12-12
Number of Downloads: 2477
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