psp7800 version v1.2.0

Notes: - Improve global emulation speed ! - New render modes - Add vertical shift feature - Finally fix issue with "Home -> Exit" ! - Add documentation for settings in help menu - The virtual keyboard is now usable in the file requester menu to choose the first letter of the game you search ! - Improve file requester with virtual keyboard to choose sequentially rom files beginning with a given letter - Text editor to write your own comments on games - Display first comment line while browsing game files - Cheat support ! - Memory monitoring engine to find your own cheat code ! - Text editor to modify the global cheat.txt file - Zip rom files are now decompressed in memory (much faster !) - Add option to disable auto fire in settings menu - Add eboot music (see - Source code can now be compiled to build a linux version
Genre: Emulator
Author: zx81
Version Number: v1.2.0
Release Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2008-10-26
Number of Downloads: 1738
Entered By: zx-81
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Last Modification Type: add
Installotron Support?: No

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