DAX ZISO Loader version 0.55

Notes: - GUI changed, made text more visible and usage faster. Now X button start directly an ISO/UMD with the saved configuration and square button jumps to the configuration screen. - DAX ZISO now uses an only folder, ms0:/DAXZISO, instead of UMDEMULATOR, and also subprograms must be stored in that folder. Please, read the readme to migrate from previous versions. Also, isos are now searched in both, ms0:/ISO and ms0:/UMD folders. - ISOs are sortered alphabetically. - Compatibility with Hard Disks have been improved. - Added the mode RUNUMD Direct, which loads faster than RUNUMD LoadExec and it doesn’t restart the kernel (so, an app can be running in the background).
Genre: App
Author: Dark_AleX
Version Number: 0.55
Release Date (YYYY-MM-DD):
Number of Downloads: 734
Entered By: Fanjita
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